Hotronix® Fusion IQ® 16″X20″


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“The Hotronix® FUSION® Heat Press, a true powerhouse in garment decoration, delivers versatility and efficiency like never before. Operating as both a swinger and draw press, this 16″ x 20″ marvel offers a heat-free workspace, industry-exclusive Threadability™, and a host of cutting-edge features.

The Fusion IQ™ controller introduces troubleshooting and self-diagnostic capabilities, allowing you to track performance and access productivity reports through the Hotronix Online Portal. The new larger, higher-resolution touchscreen enhances user experience, while optional quick-change lower platens enable hassle-free adjustments without tools.

Boasting Touch Screen Technology, the Fusion IQ™ lets you program an unlimited number of frequently used application settings. The Twin Timer™ feature allows for pre-set individual time settings, making two-step applications seamless. The cast aluminum alloy frame ensures durability, while the electrical options cater to your specific needs.

With a lifetime warranty on the heating element, 5 years on the framework, and 2 years on the circuit board, backed by a 1-year parts/labor warranty, the Fusion IQ™ is a reliable workhorse. The online reporting feature provides valuable insights into total impressions, active/idle time, and average cycle time.

Easy-to-install interchangeable platens, a non-stick coated upper platen, and live digital readouts for time, temperature, and pressure make the Fusion IQ™ a must-have for garment decorators. Elevate your printing game with the Hotronix® FUSION® Heat Press – where innovation meets precision.”

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in